The Symbiotic Enterprise


The Symbiotic Enterprise is a framework for corporations that serves to foster mutually beneficial relationships between and among the entity and its members. By adopting the Symbiotic Enterprise framework, a corporation can move from any of a number of conventional management structures to a structure of self-organization—without leaving people and their human needs, longings, and excellence behind.

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A corporation, by necessity, must connect with the world at large—in compliance with relevant law, and with acknowledgment of external constraints. To support this interface, the Enterprise Context overlaps with the legal entity as a whole and is based on the existing formation documents. 

Too often, conversations about self-organization leave out the human equation. In a Symbiotic Enterprise, the People Context is a vital space. This is the space for social agreements among the people who invest their time and talents in alignment with the Enterprise Purpose. This context is structured to let people support one another in their personal and professional growth and development, resolve interpersonal conflicts, and deepen their healthy, life-enhancing relationships. All this is based on explicitly expressed, shared values and subject to continual improvement from within. 

The work of an enterprise is done within the Organization Context, which encapsulates the rules and processes for operations and governance. Through distributed authority, the organization is laser-focused on continuously moving the Enterprise towards its purpose. The Organization Context is characterized by clear agreements, accountability, and transparency. 

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