Essential programs and services for people and organizations on the self-organizing journey.

Evolution at Work’s offerings are broadly categorized as programs, workshops or services. Within each category are offerings for both organizations and individuals. Whereas programs generally have a particular aim and schedule, services are custom-tailored to fit the person or organizational needs on the self-organizing journey.

Custom-tailored engagements start with a free one-hour online discovery session. Please email to schedule an inquiry session.


Language of Spaces Foundations

  • 2.5-day event learning the Language of Spaces Framework

  • Group practicing and demonstration

  • Learn about the four core Language of Spaces capacities

  • Take home first practices to immediately integrate into your work


Join a cohort of agents of self-organization on a 9-month journey of learning the Language of Spaces Framework.

  • Earn your Language of Spaces Certification and bring the framework and its practices to your clients.

  • Delve deep into the four core capacities: Differentiation and Integration, Purpose Alignment, Self Realization, and Inner Leadership

  • Participate in a global growing network of coaches and consultants specializing in self-organization

In-house certification program

For companies who have in-house coaches, consultants, and agents of self-organization that want to embark on the self-organizing journey within their organizations.


Coaching for Individuals

  • In-person and online coaching for people working in organizations on the journey of self-organization.

  • Real-work tension processing coaching

Coaching for CEOs and Founders

  • Specific in-person and online coaching for CEOs and Founders concerned with the transformational shift into self-organization.

  • Real-work tension processing coaching

  • Private Core Capacity Training