Embody the necessary methods and tools to thrive within self-organization.

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Language of Spaces is a holistic framework that equips people with the capacities needed to thrive within a self-organized context. It fosters awareness and processing of personal and organizational tensions required for evolutionary growth.


4 Core Capacities

From a decade of experience, four core capacities have shown to be necessary for thriving within self-organization. Each of the four core capacities are learned by developing fact-based knowledge and skills through ongoing practices that enable the integration of the capacities into everyday work life.

Differentiation and Integration

The foundational capacity of differentiating the organizational and the personal.

Purpose Alignment

The consciousness of one's own personal purpose in resonance and proximity with the organizational purpose.

Self Realization 

Fully stepping into who you are and your authentic power and inviting others to do the same.

Inner Leadership

Becoming aware, listening, trusting and acting on the voice of our inner wisdom.

“To be able to work with Evolution at Work to bring our team to a solid shared understanding about self-organization, and have such skilled support to move through the learning process to enact this way of working together, is profoundly uplifting and liberating.”

— Heather Johnson, Executive Director, Whidbey Institute