A decade of experience made available
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Implementation of the Symbiotic Enterprise brings forward new organizational systems and processes while simultaneously nurturing people’s individual and collective skills and understanding. A successful implementation is carefully staged to support the people and the organization in growing together, bringing mutual benefit to both.

Evolution at Work’ has been through the self-organizing journey with its clients, and the Symbiotic Implementation methodology is informed by real experiences. We’ve learned what supports the adoption of the Symbiotic Enterprise—as well as what common pitfalls to avoid. 

The Symbiotic Implementation helps you travel into self-organization in three stages. You’ll be guided through each stage and its structures, processes, and practices, and you and your organization will set your own pace. We’ll provide self-assessment tools, and you’ll move on to the next stage when and if you’re ready. You decide when your organization and/or your team is ready, and you decide when you’re complete.

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