Wondering how to begin the transformational journey into self-organizing?
Evolution at Work can help.

“When moving into self-organization, where should we start? With the people or the organization?” We have been asked this question so many times . And really, there is no one right answer. It depends on where your organization and its members are standing today. 

We would love to join you in an exploration of how the structure and processes of the Symbiotic Enterprise are a practical solution for self-organization, and how the practices of the Language of Spaces empower people to develop the core capacities needed to thrive within self-organization. Neither is more important than the other, because both are necessary.

Evolution at Work’s unique Evolutionary Implementation Methodology supports your customized implementation of the Symbiotic Enterprise. Working alongside Evolution at Work in a process customized for your needs, your organization and its members will self-assess at measured intervals, then make informed decisions: what is the best pace for your self-organization journey? What are your priorities? To what level do you want your organization to evolve? And when will your journey be complete?

Contact us to learn how people and organizations can develop to reach a perfect symbiosis in self-organization.


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