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Love, Power & Purpose: Whidbey Island, United States

  • The Whidbey Institute 6449 Old Pietila Road Clinton, WA, 98236 United States (map)


Co-creating new narratives for a power shifted world

What does a world look like, where love and power are united in service of purpose? This program invites you to find answers to this question. Join an international cohort that will search for and co-create new narratives of a world where human endeavors serve people and planet equally. Together you will explore ways that express these narratives in reality - in practical projects and initiatives, in your business, startup, non-profit, or in any other organized way you feel called to.

Power without love is reckless and abusive and love without power is sentimental and anaemic”
— Martin Luther King Jr.

For some decades now it has become increasingly clear: Humanity is on a quest to find new ways for us to embody our lives in better service of planet and people, thus in service of the greater whole.

One expression of that quest is the rapidly growing movement towards self-organization. Organizations have proven to be the most powerful force on the planet to influence the course of events. This power has brought progress and prosperity, but while reaching great achievements, this power has also over time become increasingly separated from love. It has also become reckless and abusive and because of that humanity is facing issues of such magnitude, that simply improving what we already have isn’t enough. We know: fundamentally new solutions coming from a new level of consciousness are needed.

Shifting the way we organize our work in the world based on the evolutionary principle of the universe, aka self-organization, can open pathways for us to step into that shift of consciousness and act from a place of deep connectedness to the greater whole - to wholeness. It requires a development journey starting deeply within us and rippling out through connection and co-creation, through together embodying a world where love and power are united in service of purpose.

By offering this program, we want to invite you: together, let us build a global community that can create and embody new narratives of a world where love and power are united in service of purpose, in service of people and planet equally, in service of the greater whole.

Components of the program

In this program you will be on a journey along paths of exploration, discovery and embodiment and of personal development through expanding the core capacities needed to thrive within self-organization.

You will explore: What is power? What is love? How can the unification of love and power express itself in my life?

You will discover: What is the current expression of my personal purpose? How does it connect to my deepest sense of love and how can I embody it with my full authentic power.

You will connect: With whom in the group do I feel most purpose aligned? To which deep need in the world do we want to contribute together? What is the transformation we want to be part of and enforce?

You will co-create: What does the world and life in general look like when love and power are united in service of purpose? What are the stories we can tell that will inspire and spread out, reaching more and more people and motivate them to become part of these narratives?

You will embody: How do we translate all this into forms that will enable the embodiment of what is needed now, staying connected from moment to moment, with consciousness, awareness and mindfulness.

You will pioneer: How do we build a global community that co-creates narratives that source and nourish the transition into a life of united love and power, serving people and planet equally?

Through this path you will reach a new depth of clarity about your personal relationship to power, to love, to their unification and how that clarity supports you in embodying your personal purpose in meaningful and fulfilling ways. You will explore the best suited pathways to do your unique work in the world, individually and in community, through working together on purposeful endeavors that you either brought to the program from beginning on or that emerge in the course of the program.

The curriculum of this program has emerged from a decade of practical experience with self-organization and the needs and challenges that show up for people concerned by this fundamental shift in doing work together. It also includes systemic constellation work, systemic coaching, archetypes (based on the works of Carl Jung, Caroline Myss and Robert Ohotto), Social Presencing Theater (Arawnan Hayashi, Presencing Institute), Language of Spaces, Voice Dialogue, Integral Theory, Meditation from different sources and wisdom traditions, and others more.

You will be participating in three 4-day in person retreats at the wonderful Whidbey Institute and in ongoing online experience and learning with your peers and with Evolution at Work’s Love, Power and Purpose Facilitators.

This program is for you when:

  • You are a founder/CEO considering or on the way to implementing self-organization in your company,

  • Your work environment is planning, beginning, or has already implemented self-organizing practices,

  • You are a coach and/or a consultant supporting people and companies on the journey to better express purpose through self-organization and want to learn more about the personal capacities and the structures needed to fully embody that transformational shift. (After attending this program, you can follow up with the Language of Spaces Coach Certification Program.)

  • You are a group of people working together and want to find better ways of how your organization can increase its contribution to fully serving the greater whole.

More details about the curriculum will be available shortly. To make sure you are receive the updates, please sign up for our newsletter or just send us an email to We will then provide you with all information as soon as possible.

If we can develop the two sides of ourselves - this capacity for love and this capacity for power - they will gradually interpenetrate within us.
— Robert Johnson