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Symbiotic Enterprise Foundations: Toronto, Canada

  • Verity Club 111D Queen Street East Toronto Canada (map)

Learn how to support people and organizations to thrive beyond power hierarchy through self-organizing

Whether you’re starting the journey, already on the way, or simply curious about the journey of self-organization, the Symbiotic Enterprise Foundations Workshop will provide guidance, tools and wisdom that help make your transformational journey a more fruitful and enjoyable adventure.

This 3-day event provides a wide range of information and practical tips to immediately apply in your personal and organizational contexts. It also prepares you for the Certification Program, should you want to learn how to deliver the methodologies and practices of the Language of Spaces™ framework inside your organization or as a coach/consultant to your clients. This is the only program for personal development that has emerged from a decade of actual experience and practice of the self-organizing journey.

Why is this important? 

Making the shift into self-organization is a dramatic change that ideally liberates and empowers people and organizations. However, transformation is holistic and extremely challenging. It requires dedication and continuous learning, as old structures, processes, and behaviors are transformed into new ways of working in the world. Without guidance, wisdom, practices, and tools, the shift often becomes too challenging to continue.

The set of tools and practices of this workshop addresses the fact that both people and organizations need to make the transformational shift together, though each with very different focuses and practices. This helps people navigate the journey by enabling the Organizational Context (structure) and the People Context (social system) to travel in balance. The goal within self-organization is to reach symbiosis, where the people and the organization thrive within a mutually beneficial relationship. This workshop covers the frameworks that guide you there.

What will you learn?

  • A model of how to understand the principle of Self-Organization and how it applies to people and organizations in the new world of work and why it is a deep, powerful, and necessary shift for people and organizations that can increase autonomy, adaptivity and resilience within increasing complexity

  • The Symbiotic Enterprise™ as a new way to structure and run organizations where the people with their personal interests and interpersonal relationships engage with the organization, it’s purpose, work and roles; in symbiosis for the mutual benefit of each

  • The Language of Spaces™ as a holistic framework that fosters awareness and processing of personal and organizational tensions required for evolutionary growth. It helps you expand the four core personal capacities necessary to thrive in self-organization, and you will experience practices to develop these capacities, which are as follows:

    1. Differentiation and Integration: The foundational capacity of understanding the value and necessity to differentiate and integrate the organizational and the personal.

    2. Purpose Alignment: The consciousness of one’s own individual purpose in resonance and in proximity with the organizational purpose.

    3. Self-Realization: Fully stepping into who you are and your authentic power and inviting others to do the same.

    4. Inner Leadership: Becoming aware, listening, trusting, and acting on the voice of our inner wisdom.

Who will benefit from the workshop?

  • Anyone curious, interested in, or already on the journey into self-organization

  • Coaches or consultants working with self-organizing entities or entities on the way to self-organization

  • Entrepreneurs, CEOs and founders curious about exploring self-organization or shifting current entities into self-organization