Evolution at Work offers over a decade of experience in guiding personal and organizational journeys into self-organization.


The shift towards self-organization is multi-dimensional, requiring differentiated approaches to learning. Every program or service Evolution at Work offers includes the following three approaches:

Teaching: Presenting a unique compilation of theoretical background and stories of practical experience, which are indispensable for a deep understanding of the shift to self-organization

Facilitation: Guiding processes for participants by taking them through exercises and practices that enable holistic learning experiences

Holding Space: Committing to being fully present with the participants in their learning experience without judgment and with love, care and compassion.


“Lots of people are struggling to adopt, or help others adopt, the structures, processes, and procedures of Teal or Reinvented or Next-stage Organizations. Evolution at Work zeroes in on the most common cause of struggle or failure of adoption: the people involved don’t have the personal or interpersonal capacities needed to function well in those structures. Evolution at Work brings extraordinary wisdom, experience, caring, and expertise in helping such folks develop and mature into…four Core Capacities needed to thrive within self-organization. I am thrilled to discover them and learn more. I wish everyone would increase their own effectiveness, success, and satisfaction from engaging with what Evolution at Work is offering”
— Alia Aurami Founding Partner, Enlivening Edge


Evolution at Work is a For-Purpose-Enterprise with roles being energized by partners globally.

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