• Certification Program

  • Learn to hold the space for people and organizations on their journey of self-organization!

    The Language of Spaces Certification Program offers the

    theories and the practices that help develop the capacities of the individuals within organizations on the journey of self-organization.


    By participating in the Language of Spaces Certification Program, you will join the first cohort of leaders who will be journeying together over the course of nine months.


    You will learn and practice the Language of Spaces framework with the specific goal of gaining certification to be able to bring the framework and its practices to your clients.









  • The Language of Spaces Certification Program is for:


    1. Consultants or coaches who work with self-organizing entities and would like to deliver Language of Spaces to their clients.


    2. Leaders within self-organizing entities who want to deliver Language of Spaces to people within their organization.













  • Earning your Language of Spaces Certification will:


    1. Enable you to deliver Language of Spaces to individuals and organizations


    2. Strengthen your own personal capacities for working within self-organization.










  • What you will learn:

    Theory and practice on how to integrate and deliver the Language of Spaces framework including methods and tools to support individuals in awakening, practicing and developing the four core capacities:

    • Differentiation and Integration
    • Self Realization 
    • Purpose Alignment
    • Inner Leadership
    Each of the four core capacities are learned by developing fact-based knowledge and skills through ongoing practices that enable the integration of the capacities into everyday work life. Find out more about the capacities.











  • Important info

    Timeframe: January-September 2019

    Cost: € 6,000 (excluding applicable VAT, travel expenses, accommodation and meals)

    Included: Three 4-day in-person modules at the Whidbey Institute outside of Seattle, WA

    Peer group and online training: Cohort learning continues between the in-person modules via peer group training and Evolution at Work-led online learning and practice sessions.

    Support: Accommodation will be available on site. (TBD)













  • How to join the program?


    If you are interested in joining us on this unique learning journey, please email us, and we will contact you to schedule an online call.


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