Knowing your own personal purpose and the purpose of the organization in which we invest our energy, talent and time, is a prerequisite to embody wholeness at work.


    Sensing alignment of our own purpose with the organization’s purpose creates deep meaning through knowing that we are contributing to something that is larger than ourselves. Only with Purpose Alignment will it be possible …learn more


    Differentiating the personal and the organizational


    The Language of Spaces is the first and only methodology that has been developed specifically for people experiencing the transformational shift of the Holacracy practice – whether they are considering to implement it, are at the beginning of the journey, in the middle of it, or have already gone through the implementation. The method consists of practices that help you reflect on your tensions in a completely new way and ... learn more.




    Deeply understanding yourself and others on the journey to wholeness


    Personal Patterns is one of the most comprehensive and actionable methodologies available to help people make the transformational shifts needed in the new world of work. Based on the work of Dr. Linda Berens, it illuminates the ways we are naturally self-organized, motivated, talented, and more. Personal Patterns provides a framework and practices so you can better manage yourself and your interactions using ... learn more






    Moving into the New offers safe development spaces for people who are interested in, or are part of an organization that is radically re-inventing its structure, systems and processes and who want to align their personal growth with the transformation of the organization. Critical for the success of this endeavor, is a concurrent commitment to the inner journey of … learn more



  • HOW


    Retreat and Workshop

    Only with Purpose Alignment will it be possible to experience what wholeness at work can be: a deep sense of self-awareness, a sense of connectedness with others around me and with the purpose of the organization, a sense of personal growth, a practice, a way to express and embody our purpose in life with authenticity and coherence, true to who we are and to what our life can be.


    As we, individually, and the organizations we work in develop and grow, purpose also evolves. To remain aligned, it is necessary to stay connected with the evolution of our personal and of our organization's purpose. The retreat for individuals and the workshop for organizations offer skills and practices that support continuous purpose alignment that is so important for a sense of wholeness at work.




    This retreat takes you on a quest to sense into your personal purpose. You will then be able to define it in the way it can express itself in your life at this point. As you explore your purpose, we will invite you to look at it not only as a noun, but also as a verb – as how you express it by what you are doing and thereby relate to the world.


    In this 3-day retreat you will explore these questions:

    • What is my personal purpose and how can I define it?

    • How can my purpose guide me in building meaningful relationships?

    • How can I find alignment to create a sense of contribution to something meaningful that is greater than myself?

    The aim of this retreat is to let you find practices that will enable you to integrate purpose alignment into your life on an ongoing basis.


    Please contact us for more information






    (In-house for organizations)


    Does your organization have a clear definition of its evolutionary purpose? Does everybody in the organization know it and also know how to express and embody it? And does your organization want to support wholeness at work? One cannot exist without the other. For us to bring ourselves fully into doing our work, as who we are, with all our energy and talent, we need to have a deep sense that what we are doing is meaningful and contributes to something that is greater than ourselves. This can only be the case if the organization is guided by a clear evolutionary purpose.


    Organizations always have a purpose, only sometimes it has ceased to be visible. It can be covered up through focusing on financial revenue, marketing taglines, competition, and other forces in the history of the organization. Defining the purpose of your organization is not about creating yet another popular tagline to present your brand and products or services. It is a deep search and rediscovery of what is at the meaningful core – the evolutionary purpose that connects the organization to the world and that guides it continuously.


    Depending on the line of business, number of people, the structure, location, and many other factors, the path for the purpose quest needs to be designed specifically for your organization. It can last from 1 to 3 days, or can be a process involving more people over a longer period of time, or even everybody in the organization.


    If you have a sense that rediscovering the evolutionary purpose would be important and helpful for your organization, then the time seems to be right.


    Please contact us for more information.






  • HOW


    Workshops and Coaching

    The Language of Spaces consists of practices that help you reflect on your tensions in a completely new way and teaches you how to consciously navigate the differentiation between the spaces of the organizational context and the spaces of the personal context. It helps you identify and develop the necessary skills to process personal tensions separately from organizational tensions and to consciously go on your own path of personal development that this differentiation triggers. There are various formats available to acquire and develop these skills.





    Public or In-House for organizations


    In this 1-day workshop you will ...

    • Learn about the concept and methodology

    • Increase the capacity to recognize different sources of tensions and where to process them

    • Practice reflecting and processing the differentiation between the personal and the organizational

    • Experience the sense of relief this practice can bring

        Save the date: Public workshop on June 1st, 2017 in Berlin, Germany





      ( available in person as well as via Skype, Zoom, etc.)


      This one-on-one-coaching is a deep process of perspective taking through guided introspection. It consists of three phases:

      1. Exploration Session: free of charge, online one-on-one conversation, approx. 30 minutes, helping you to decide if this fits your needs

      2. 1st Coaching Session, 2 hours, including detailed introduction to the method and first working session, and guided introspection on differentiating and routing your tension(s)

      3. Further Coaching Sessions upon your request, 1.5 hours each

      Please contact us for more information




      Depending on the Holacracy maturity level of the organization and its partners, there are additional formats of The Language of Spaces available:


      • Power-Shift Coaching (1 on 1, about the challenges of letting go of power and taking on power)

      • Conflict Resolution Coaching (2 clients/conflict partners with 1 coach)

      • Small Group or Whole Circle Tension Coaching (deepening the practice after the introduction workshop, increasing the practice and skills, working on real tensions, developing culture)


      Power-Shift Coaching, Conflict Resolution Coaching and Personal Tension Coaching are available in person and also virtual (via Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts, etc.)


      The workshops and coachings are delivered by experts who are experienced Holacracy Practitioners and, having traveled that transformational journey themselves, have a deep understanding of the personal challenges and transformation the practice of Holacracy can mean for you.


      Please contact us for more information







    • HOW


      Workshops and Coaching


      Personal Patterns provides a framework and practices so you can better manage yourself and your interactions on your journey to wholeness. This holistic framework uses multiple lenses of individual differences refined from models that have been in use for over 25 centuries, yet incorporate the latest understanding of cognitive science and development. Your unique Personal Patterns give rise to different challenges as you face this new world of work. Understanding these Personal Patterns can help you understand some of the deep drivers of your responses to the changing work environment. When you have a language to describe your patterns, you will be able to better express the "whole you" and therefor experience wholeness at work. While rich enough to reflect the complexity of being human, the lenses are simple enough to quickly understand “the I, the We, and the All of us” as we work together.





      Public or In-House for organizations


      This 2-day Personal Pattern Mapping will help you identify the enduring patterns of your own individuality. It will increase your self-awareness and you will better know how to interact with others who are different from you. Specific practices help you recognize multiple sources of personal and interpersonal tension and conflict and move out of a stressed state to a more centered and effective state.


      We will use two of the Personal Pattern lenses to help you release untapped energy and move along on your journey to wholeness. These lenses have immediate applicability to some of the personal and interpersonal tensions that emerge in the transition to this new world of work. They also have the benefit of being easy to see and easy to use.

      • Berens Interaction Styles: Our energy patterns of how we do what we do and are inclined to interact with others.

      • Essential Motivators: The deep motivators of our behavior driven by core psychological needs and values—and core talents to get those needs met.


      In this workshop you will ...

      • Identify your own Interaction Style

      • Apply this new awareness to your personal and interpersonal tensions as they arise

      • Recognize the contribution of each Interaction Style energy to work situations

      • Identify your own Essential Motivator core needs and talents

      • Recognize the value of each Motivator pattern in different situations

      • Increase your capacity as a sensor for the organization

      • Develop skill in shifting perspectives to include others for the good of the organization and the people


      Please contact us for more information





      (also available via Skype, Zoom, etc.)


      This one-on-one-coaching provides a companion for you on your journey as you deepen your self-awareness and capacity for perspective taking. It consists of three steps:

      1. Introductory Session: free of charge, online one-on-one conversation, approx. 30 minutes, helping you to decide if this fits your needs
      2. 1st Coaching Session, 2 hours, including diving deeply into identifying your own best-fit personal patterns
      3. Follow up sessions upon request to explore different aspects of your patterns and help you put this awareness into practice, 1.5 hours each

      Contact us to book your Exploration Session


      Depending on your needs, a variety of coaching topics using Personal Patterns are available:

      • Communication Coaching (1 on 1 or with others about increasing the clarity and effectiveness of communicating with others who are different from you)

      • Personal Transition Coaching (1 on 1, about the personal challenges of transitioning to Holacracy or other distributed authority system)

      • Conflict Coaching (Helping 2 or more individuals resolve some of the tensions arising from their different Personal Patterns)

      • Small Group or Whole Circle Coaching (Using shared Personal Pattern information to identify group dynamics, increase interpersonal awareness, develop perspective taking capacity, making conflict productive, working together better)

      These coaching sessions are available in person and also virtually (via Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts, etc.)


      The Workshop and coaching sessions are delivered by experts who have applied the lenses and practices to their own journey to wholeness. They are experienced facilitators of self-awareness, self-management, and perspective taking for individuals and in groups. They have a deep understanding of how these patterns play out in the transition to self-organization.


      Please contact us for more information






    • HOW



      For a fulfilling journey of personal growth and transformation into the new world of work - of Moving into the New - a concurrent commitment to the inner journey of reflection and expansion of the Self is critical. For, the domain of Self is not only where we are most powerful but also where the nucleus for any transformation is shaped and sustained.





      This retreat is a special program developed for people yearning to move towards wholeness in their work and life. It works to integrate the inner dimensions of Self within our life and work. This engagement draws upon recognition of the inherent continuum between our inner presence and our relationships and our actions; between Sensing and Responding. Through practice we work to consciously shape each moment of ‘Sense and Response’ and go beyond our habitual patterns and actions.


      The program utilises a 3-dimensional model of Self (Vertical plane), Relationship (Horizontal plane) and Action (Sagittal plane) to underpin the content of the workshop. Within the inner dimension we work to activate and access a deeper knowing (Self) to shape and enhance our relationships (Social) and work (Action). Most importantly, this deeper wisdom allows us to free ourselves from habitual patterns and actions, and to take up new opportunities as we move into the new. A crucial competency needed to guide this journey is Inner Leadership - for if we want to live in a purpose driven, self-organized context, we cannot wait for someone else to make this happen.


      In this workshop you will:

      • Develop an experiential understanding of the three-dimensional model of Self/Relationship/Action and its relevance to Wholeness Practice;

      • Practice embodied presence and cultivate a return to a natural sense of awareness;

      • Be introduced to a number of techniques and practices that work to develop capacity to experience Wholeness;

      • Identify practices that resonate with you personally which would then support your on-going Wholeness Practice;

      • Explore how this presence can guide your practice of ‘Sense and Respond’;

      • Explore how conscious practice of ‘Sense and Respond’ can allow us to free ourselves from habitual actions and patterns;

      • Develop your own specific expression of Inner Leadership towards wholeness; and

      • Explore opportunities to integrate the new paradigm of organizing into your everyday life.

      Save the date: June 12th to 14th, 2017




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      Meet the crowd!

      We are an international team of specialized Purpose Agents, with a passion for the journey towards wholeness. We live in Europe, USA and Australia.

      Christiane Seuhs - Schoeller

      Peter Kessels

      Linda Berens

      Ivana Kljaković-Gašpić

      Anke Lessmann

      Ranjit Bhagawandas

      Melinda Varfi

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